CodeFlux Products

CodeFlux continues on its quest to bring technology and humanity together through four new products relevant to both consumer and entrepreneurs. This initial product lineup is available for the iPhone, Android and web.

KKB: “Kanya-Kanyang Bayad”
Who hasn’t gone for a meal with colleagues or friends, only to be stumped by the division of the bill at the end? CodeFlux’s first Android application developed and released in the consumer market—dubbed KKB, the colloquial for ‘each pays his own way’ —easily computes and shows the breakdown of the bill.

This app streamlines the booking and fleet management of transport and vehicle rental services.  Vehicle rental companies can easily book a trip and manage the vehicle’s repair, insurance, maintenance, etc. Drivers associated with the vehicles can also be monitored and managed.

myShopKit is a mobile storefront app. Customers can place orders and monitor their online status using their mobile phones. On the other hand, companies can use the application to allow branches or stalls to monitor inventory and to communicate with the nearby head branch for replenishment of stocks. myShopKit also facilitates location-based push promos, allowing companies to send promos, coupons, updates and the like to customers who are near a particular branch.

An online music store designed specifically for companies and professionals who create and sellrecorded music. One great feature is that it allows selling of an artist’s songs, albums and other merchandise as well.


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