CODEFLUX, INC. is a Filipino company established by seasoned software development practitioners advocating the Agile methodology. Our team is composed of competent software architects and engineers, project managers, business analysts, and other knowledge workers who strive for excellence in their field of expertise.

Codeflux believes in applying best practices and industry standards in software development. As followers of the Agile Methodology, we believe in close communication and collaboration with our clients to successfully create effective solutions.

Codeflux aims to provide value to our customers in two ways – by providing Consulting Services and by engaging in Product Development.

Our consulting services are all about teaming up with our clients to create effective and relevant solutions. Our product development efforts aim to give birth to innovative software products that empower and give our clients the competitive edge they require to succeed.


Codeflux is a team of highly-skilled professionals in the IT industry. We are not only individuals, we are a team whose understanding of each others’ skills and temperaments make it easier to work together and overcome challenges together. Codeflux also believes in teaming up with our clients to work on solutions that truly apply to their needs. We look at our clients as part of our team and treat them as partners.


Code that works. We believe in building applications based on good solid code and well-thought of design. Our team of seasoned software engineers, architects and analysts always aims to implement the best solutions that work and bring value to our clients.


Flux is constant change. We are continuously looking for ways to do things better: more effectively and more efficiently.

Flux is free flow of energy. We energize the business of our clients through the services and solutions that we provide. We also engage our clients in a sharing of this energy by partnering with them.