Codeflux is looking for future leaders in the software development industry. We favor people who take the lead, broaden their horizons and strive to challenge one’s self in achieving the impossible. As followers of the Agile Methodology, we also seek people who are responsible, self managing and highly motivated. We value people who are dedicated and committed in not only getting things done but to be someone – an innovator, a specialist, a voice, a leader.

These are the traits of the people we are looking for in Codeflux. Do you fit the profile? Are you a Codefluxer?

Here in Codeflux, we will help you unleash your potential. Codeflux will not only provide you the experience you need in order to grow but will also guide you in terms of skills development and career coaching. Codeflux has experienced scrum masters, software architects, project managers, business analysts and skilled workers that will guide you to become one of the best and the finest in the industry.

Codeflux is committed to grow with you, to learn with you and to work with you.

Codeflux strives to be the best. To do this, we need to hire the best.

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