KKB - Kanya-Kanyang Bayad


Product Description

KKB is the first mobile application developed and released in the consumer market by CodeFlux Inc.  This application solves a simple yet common problem for people who love to go out in groups or chip in to buy something. KKB allows users to automatically compute for one’s share based on the items entered, the people splitting it and other fees entered such as service charge, tax, etc.  With this application installed in your smart phone, gone are the days where people would have to compute the cost manually and wonder why the money didn’t exactly come out like the ones printed in our bill.

In a news article released last September 2011, Google announced that the KKB is one of the five most searched Filipino Android Applications today.


Target Market

• Consumers

• Establishments with Products


Business Value

• Consumers can easily compute for an individual’s bill.

• Consumers can see the breakdown of costs.

• Consumers can save the groups they usually hang out with.

• Consumers may add other charges such as taxes, service charge, etc.


Platform / Type

• iOS platform (View)

• Android platform (View)