Product Description

EasyTrans is one of the first enterprise applications built and released by CodeFlux Inc. It is a fleet scheduling system that enables our customers to optimize the use of their resources, mainly the company vehicles and drivers. Through this system, our customers can maintain client records, keep track of bookings, generate trip tickets and reports on scheduled trips and inquiries.

Whether it is a vehicle rental company or an establishment with such service, EasyTrans will surely ease the burden of its users by properly organizing and tracking your business operations.


Target Market

• Vehicle Rental Companies

• Bus Companies

• Tourist Companies

• Corporations with its own fleet


Business Value

• Manage and optimize the use of company resources such as vehicles and drivers.

• Maintain a complete list of client records in order to save all the necessary client information.

• Manage and track booking transactions in order to properly schedule vehicles and drivers and their respective status.

• Generate the necessary reports such as daily trip schedules, bookings, etc.


Platform / Type

Web-based application built on Groovy and Grails:

• Groovy Programming Language

• Grails Web Framework

• Spring Security

• JasperReport Engine



• Connect with Existing Systems

If you have other existing systems in place, you may choose to connect EasyTrans to these external applications in order to share the data involved in transport reservation.

• Additional Features and Business Rules

If you have other requirements or business rules customized primarily for your company, you may choose to add these to your EasyTrans application on top of the existing features and business model.

• Additional Reports

If you require more reports based on the existing information stored in EasyTrans, you may choose to request for additional reports needed.