Product Description

Musiko is an online music store designed specifically for companies and professionals who create and sell recorded music. It allows them to create their own mini-web application inside, Google Chrome, one of the fastest growing web browsers today. Through Musiko, they may post their music albums and tracks, in which avid music fans may purchase and download using various payment methods.

Aside from the music, fans may also buy merchandise of their favorite recording artists, as well as purchase them as gifts for family and friends. Musiko also provides a gig schedule where fans may get the latest news on events such as concerts, gigs and shows.

Through Musiko, record companies and professionals can bring music fans closer to their favorite talents.


Target Market

• Record companies or music labels

• Independent artists


Business Value

• Bring companies and professionals who create and sell recorded music closer to their fans.

• Promote and market the record company/label, artist, etc to a wide range of music enthusiasts.

• Sell music and merchandise easily and conveniently online as businesses nowadays are going virtual.

• Users can immediately see and visit the music store every time they open their Google Chrome Web Browser.


Platform / Type

Google Chrome Web Application

• Users can login using their current google account (i.e. gmail)

• Specifically developed for use within Google Chrome. Users can install the application to their Google Chrome Web Browser.

• Each time the browser opens, the application is automatically displayed.

• Apps are always up-to-date

• When using Google Chrome’s sync feature, the users can save their apps to their Google Account.



• Music Videos

Clients may choose to have their music stores customized by adding music videos in their application for a more interactive feel for their artist’s fans.

• Google Hangouts

Clients may choose to integrate a Google Hangout feature where fans may interact with their favorite artists live via video conference.

• Additional Payment Gateways

Clients may choose to add other payment options in the music store.