Product Description

myShopKit is an order taking application built for companies that aim to streamline their order and delivery process by providing consumers  the means to send their product orders directly through their smart mobile phones.

In today’s world where mobility and simplicity is key, the OrderApp brings the consumer relationship to the next level since orders are now handled and placed by the customer.  People can personally select product orders, provide specific preferences and check the breakdown of costs before sending their orders to the establishment.  After an order has been sent, customers will also be informed about the status of their transactions via notifications.

Through the application, people won’t have to call customer service and wait for someone to pick-up, worry about miscommunication in their orders or puzzle about the breakdown of their bill. The OrderApp will surely ease the burden of its users by empowering consumers to personally place the orders.


Target Market

• Establishments with Order Delivery:

• Restaurants and Fast Food Chains

• Products or Goods

• Services


Business Value

• Consumers are automatically updated and informed about any promos of the company.

• Consumers can easily and conveniently view and select products from the menu.

• Consumers may include preferences or additional instructions for a product order.

• Consumers may instantly view their orders and the breakdown of cost whether past or present.

• Consumers will automatically receive notifications from the company about the status of their orders.


Platform / Type

A. Consumer

• Mobile Application built on the iOS platform

Coming Soon: Android platform

B. Company / Establishment

• Admin Website built on Ruby and Rails



• Payment Gateways

Clients may choose to add a payment processing module which will allow their consumers to pay via telcos, PayPal or other facilities.

• Customization

Clients may choose to customize their applications and add other features.